Maximum Orgasm:
The Man's Guide to Tantric Pleasure*

Maximum Orgasm: The Man's Guide to Tantric Pleasure*
Maximum Orgasm: The Man's Guide to Tantric Pleasure*
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Product Description

Unlock The Ancient Secrets To Male Orgasm •Learn Prolonged Orgasmic Pleasure •Discover The Male ‘G’Spot •
Experience The Tantra Of Ejaculatory Control...

Dr. Garry B. Corgiat, Ph.D.

The ancient texts of Tantric sexuality teach a man that learning to embrace his own pleasure, through self-love, is the first step towards sharing physical and spiritual intimacy with another. The Tantrics believed that the sexual energy within men was the Kundalini or The Serpent Power. This remarkable program teaches men how to unlock the natural sexual energy within them and how to reach the highest plateaus of prolonged orgasmic pleasure. Explore Chakras, the unseen energy points of the body and how the Tantrics believed that prostate stimulation energized the 'root' chakra and was a significant source of pleasure for men. Also, relearn how to breathe as naturally as a child and how to focus on your passive and aggressive energies. Discover how to experience the intense feelings of orgasm over and over again prior to ejaculation. Learning to control the reservoir of your sexual energy through self-love is the essence of The Tantric Man. DVD; 75 Min.

DVD features include:
• Digitally Remastered •Enhancement Previews •Full Chapter Selection •Glossary Of Terms •Classic Yoga Poses •Sexual Health Guide

Dr. Garry P. Corgiat, Ph.D. is a sexuality educator and therapist dedicated to helping men and women enhance the quality of their intrapersonal and interpersonal relationships. As a graduate and a former professor of Antioch University his resume includes training in psychology, immunology and behavioral medicine. Dr. Corgiat is a community activist and has been on the advisory boards of many organizations including the highly regarded LA Shanti Counseling Service.